Want To Be Like Mike?

If you're a fan of FCTRY, you're a fan of Mike Leavitt. He's the Seattle-based artist responsible for sculpting all your favorite FCTRY figures; from Bernie, to RBG, to Mayor Pete. But that's not all he does.

Mike's an accomplished multi-media artist whose work has been shown in galleries all over the world and his latest exhibit just opened in Seattle.

The exhibit, titled Trash Talking, skewers American consumer culture with 100 new works made from - and inspired by - recycled materials. Leavitt satirizes well known products by repurposing their packaging to create ubiquitous, politically-evocative forms. 

If you live in the Seattle area, consider yourself formally invited invited to the Artist Reception! It's this Saturday, July 13th at Mini Mart City Park, from 2-8 pm.

Can't make it to Seattle? No problem. You can view the work from Trash Talking right here. It's worth checking out the descriptions – Leavitt literally explains exactly what went into making each piece. Like this one, for example...

Every piece is handmade and has a similar upcycling-meets-satire backstory. Enjoy!

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