It's Showtime!

After an eternity of waiting, we're finally gonna get to see a Trump trial. Fine, maybe it's not the one we were waiting for -  but it's a trial nonetheless. And it's actually happening.

We thought it would be fun to make it a little more... interactive. So we've come up with a game so we can all play along together!

It's super easy. Just choose answers to the three questions below. Then, once the trial is over we'll take the names of everyone who got all 3 questions right, throw them into a virtual hat and pick out a grand prize* winner.

Ok. Time to take the quiz!


*The Grand Prize will be something not all that grand, if we're being honest. Probably an action figure or two of your choice. Or us saying something witty about you on social media.

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Excellent idea. FCTRY please do Michael Cohen.


Where is the pee,pee tape?! This is such an effing circus, may as well throw your hands up and laugh your ass off because it's going to be another stupid ride in the political ring.
Hummm…maybe there should be a new action figure for Trump with two Russian hookers peeing on him. 🤣🤣🤣


A 12 juror unanimous vote?! Imagine how hard it is to get 12 people to decide where to go for dinner? 😞😞😞


As the Stones say " you don't always get what you ask for"…He has done his damage with all his past behavior. There is no comeuppance or compensation for the EVIL he has caused. VOTE BLUE!!!


First, they have to find an impartial jury- a daunting task. Then, the judge has to weather Trump's constant barrage of slander and threats to the judge and family members. Then, the witnesses have to survive. Then the jury has to convict given the mound of convincing evidence. Then, the appeals, and more wasted money from ignorant, but star-gazed fans. Then the Supreme Court will rule either guilty if Trump has already lost the election in 2024 (let's hope), or that he is pardoned because he is president. So, the only jail time will be if he loses the 2024 election- so go vote.


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