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I bought these as a gift, but when I took them out of the box to check them out everyone in my family burst out laughing. I'm absolutely sure anyone will get a kick out of these bros.

Great addition to our Gallery of Heroes

We purchased the Fauci figure to add to our Gallery of Heroes: RBG, HRC, BO, EW. It's displayed prominently.

Dr. Fauci

Great products! I have Obama, Bernie, Hillary, Warren, RBG, Pope Francis and even Mr. T(d)rump. Love them all!

AOC Action Figure
Karen Kingrey

Thrilled to have AOC Action Figure

Dr. Fauci

Very pleased with the doll. You should make a doll, Fauci on the couchi. (Jimmy Kimmel).
Thank You Dr. Fauci!


Like all Fctry Charctors, this one is perfection.

Loving Stacey Abrams

My new Stacey Abrams action figure has joined the inspiration corner of my desk along with my previous purchases of President Obama, RGB and VP Harris. She looks so regal in her aqua dress with silver necklace and the hair(!) make her look like the power diva that she is. And the mic in her hand says it all. She helps me know that I can do more for my community every time I look at her.

Dr. Fauci Action Figure
Denise Thompson
Dr. Fauci doll

I can’t stand this man!! I am not on the far left side either. I got this to save for the future when our kids and their kids read about all this Covid/mask/lockdown stuff.


These action figures are Amazing. I have been able to replace most of our collection that was lost in a house fire. You will love the detail and excellent design of these figures. Hoping for Nancy Pelosi figures to come back.

Kamala Harris

I love all my adult action figures!!! Can’t wait to add to my collection! I’ve had great fun with my friends!

Super Vice-President!

Excellent figure! Fine job on Lady Harris! I’m grateful to have her a part of my collection.

My favorite Senator!

This one is wonderfully made, and I’m glad that she’s a part of my collection. Thank you All!

Stacey Abrams figure

I ordered the Zelensky figure and was sent a "credit" so my husband and I chose the Abrams figure. It was delivered so fast (probably within 3 days) that we were quite surprised. We are very happy with this and the others we ordered.

Tax the Rich T-Shirt
Amy Steiner

Great fit and fabric. Message is the bomb! Most people I pass nod their heads and smile. I guess I don't hang out with rich people!

Looks just like her

I love this figure and all that Stacey Abrams represents.

Dr. Fauci Action Figure
Bonnie Baer-Green
Dr Fauci

This isn't my first purchase! Your "action" figures are the bomb! Great for gifts
I have RBG, Pelosi, Fauci and Obama!
I'll need more LOL

My Action Figure Shelf!

Hope my own younger thoughtfulness!

Dr. Fauci Action Figure
Nancy Remington
I LOVE this action figure of Dr Fauci!

The order arrived very quickly, along with two other figures who I also love! These are well made, with an uncanny likeness to the real folks! I am happy to show my support for a man who has worked tirelessly for over 30 years for our public health and has had to take tough criticism with grace and humility every time. One of the heroes!

A spot-on likeness. Excited to add her to my collection!

My wife loves Dr. Fauci!

Dr, Fauci is well admired in our home. The Dr. Fauci action figure was my wife's favorite gift this Christmas!

Because Science T-Shirt
Patty Cipponeri
Purchased as a Gift

The fit looks good, my husband said he will rotate it into hos work short collection because he works in a lab.

RBG Action Figure
Dean Konop
RBG is G R E A T!

Ruth is a wonderful addition to my collection. She holds her gavel in her left hand as the right hand makes it look like she is tossing it. Otherwise the likeness is spot-on and she is currently arguing with my Chinese wooden dragon. Great addition for sure.

The Pope is Awesome!

Currently, my Pope figure is watching over my shoulder as I type this. He oversees the shelf above my head and enjoys the view out of my window, very similar to his window at St. Peter's Square in Vatican City. Great likeness and just a fun action figure to own.

Dr. Fauci Action Figure
Margo Howland-Mastro
Welcome Dr. Fauci

I purchased two Dr. Fauci action figures, one for myself and one for a relative in the health care field. Perfect down to the little detachable mask!!

Dr. Fauci Action Figure
Mark A. Taylor
Dr. Fauci : Face of a Pandemic

They were very trying times. We all collectively found ourselves isolated, confused, and unsure of what was going on. Leadership tried to deny that there was anything wrong, but hospitals ICU's were booked solid and the death toll kept rising. Out of the chaos rose a reassuring voice of reason and factual information. This action figure perfectly depicts this iconic man of science. I will treasure this item as a reminder that science matters, that level headed thinking is the best path, and when we band together we can overcome adversity. Thanks to FCTRY for creating this special memento.