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Wonderful likeness

Stacey has joined my group of figures in all her solid presence. It’s a terrific sculpting of her, accurate in all ways. So glad to have her amongst the group!

Stacey is in my house --- and my daughter's house --- and my grand-daughter's house!

Totally thrilled with the addition of Stacey Abrams to my passel of heroes. Her likeness is sculpted so well! I hope Stacey likes it as much as all of us do!
Since I live in South Bend, Indiana, and really miss our Mayor Pete Buttegieg, a figure of that fine man would be much appreciated --- dare I say by many?

Stacey Abrams Action Figure
Ashley Anne Strobridge
#FatPositive FTW!

I love that you made your Stacey Abrams figurine true to form and kept her #fatpositive and FATabulous! Right down to her wider stance and voluptuous calves! And wtg with keeping her hair true to life and wonderfully magical #naturalblackhair ! I love this figure, I think she's my fav among my Progressive team lineup of Bernie, AOC, and Liz Warren! I'm slightly afraid to take her out of the box though! Maybe one day they'll all be worth some big bucks! But I've just got to add her to my coven circle around my candles for when I do spells to make the Progressive Dems more powerful in the govt! Anywho, I want to say thanks to FCTRY for being Fat Positive with Stacey, and for sending me this figure for your promotion of a free figure with referrals. She's AWESOME OPPOSSUM!

Perfect Birthday Gift

When my friend Celeste said she LOVED Stacey Abrams, I knew this action figure would be the perfect gift for the old gal!
Here birthday is not for a couple of months so Stacey is chilling in MY home. Hmmm, dare I buy one for myself? We'll see!
Also, why not a Secretary Pete figure?!? Come on!!

I love my Stacey Abrams!

When my Stacey arrived I immediately put her up on a shelf and seeing her up there reminded me of the Elf on the shelf at Christmas. So I came up with the idea of creating a Stacey on the shelf with my 6 year old nephew. I would hide her in different places and when he found her we talked about the importance of voting! We came up with different scenarios and vote on them and he caught on very quickly to how voting can change things. And just as importantly, how not voting can change things too. It was a very fun lesson. 😊

Nancy Pelosi (pink)

Just as fun as the blue one. I bought this one to complete my collection. NOW, I have every single action figure FCTRY has put out; even the one of the male with the little penis. LOL.

Stacey A

Nice action figure. Detailed. Great work!

The figure looks great! Love it!

RBG Action Figure
Mary Huschle
A Fun Stocking Stuffer

I was very pleased with RBG except for the fact that it was made in China! We must stop and make our products in the USA.

RBG Action Figure
William Howard
Good job. Real likeness

Looks just like her.

Stacey Abrams Action Figure
Lauren Perlmutter Candib
Love love love

It is so awesome.... Looks so like her

Stacy Abrams has done so much for democracy, I’m happy to have her join my progressive caucus! Great job on capturing her likeness!

Best action figure yet!

The artist hit the jackpot finding Ms Abrams essence for this figure. She is absolutely beautiful, and my 95 year old mother said, "She looks like a nice person!" Yes she does!

Great Likeness

Terrific likeness of Stacey Abrams. Just what we expect from FCTRY. Great quality as usual. Can’t wait to get my next one.

Worth Waiting For!

I had to wait a while, but I finally got my Senator Bernie Sanders Action Figure to add to my him! Keep them coming!

I love them all!

They inspire me and give me hope! It's about time we celebrate the real work being done in America to give more freedom to more people and protect the freedom we have.


Thank you for bringing the Bernie action figure back. I am more than thrilled to add him to my collection. I now have 6 action figure leaders and have them prominently displayed in my house. Whenever I look at them, it makes me smile.

Multiple Bernies

I bought my first Bernie last year - a birthday gift for my adult Bernie-fan son. If he couldn’t have Bernie as his President, he could at least look at his likeness and be reminded what a great guy he is. But my son refused to even take Bernie out of the box! He said he was too valuable as a future collector’s item. I tried to order another Bernie for him but they were sold out. So I got on the waitlist and when they were back in stock I bought 2 more. Another one for my son plus one for myself because I love Bernie too! He’s joining Barack, Joe, Kamala, and Elizabeth on my shelf.

Stacey Abrams rocks!

After Stacey practically single-handedly turned the Senate balance of power in 2020, FCTRY had asked customers who they would like to see as the next action figure. I replied Stacey Abrams, so it was inevitable that I would purchase her when she was introduced. She makes an
excellent addition to my liberal top-of-the-piano crew!

Welcoming Bernie to MadCity

So excited to welcome the Senator to my collection. He's standing watch at the left end of the row 😄


The Bern needs a winnter coat and mittens!

Perfect for my son

My young son recently discovered politics, and he immediately took to the senator from Vermont. The Bernie Sanders action figure will make a terrific Christmas present this year. Last year I gifted my sister-in-law who teaches high school science the Dr. Fauci figure, and my husband who is a lawyer received the Robert Mueller figure. I would have given my son Bernie Sanders then, but it was so popular it was sold out.

Great Gift!

Gave it as a gift to a friend with long Covid.. she said "talking" to Bernie is like medicine!


Received notice this morning that Stacy is on her way! She may be here by Sat Aug 6! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!

Nancy is in the House! My house!

Not certain why I put off inviting Nancy to join my FCTRY collection of personal heros, but she's here now!
And she looks fabulous --- especially in her special blue dress with her speaker's mace brooch!