Behind the Scenes: Meet The Prototype

Behind the Scenes: Meet The Prototype

This past August we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for the Zelensky Action Figure. Since then, we've been off to the races, trying to get him produced as quickly as possible. (Don't worry. If you missed him on Kickstarter, you can preorder him right here.)

Over the next few months, we'll be sharing his journey from clay sculpture to Real Life Action Figure right here on our blog. 

We want to make it super-clear that this is a peak behind the scenes. Action Figures don't pop out perfect on the first shot. 

So, if he doesn't look quite right to you, fear not. This is all a part of the process. Getting these guys made is an intercontinental collaboration and it takes a lot of back and forth to get all the artistic details "just right".

The figure you see waving down below is the very first prototype. In all the previous photos we've shown of him, you were seeing the original - the clay sculpture that was hand-made by Mike Leavitt.

As you can see, he's now made of (fantastic) plastic and has all his moving parts. In technical speak, he's now fully "engineered".

Our job from here is to get the plastic one to look as much like the original clay one as possible. Over the coming weeks, we'll be working on getting the "deco" (aka; paint job) dialed in. You'll see just how big a difference that can make in our next update!

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Oops, I forgot to add that I would love it if y'all added John Lewis, Elijah Cummings, and former President Bill Clinton to your action figures. Cheers, Tracy


Hi, I went to the pre-order page and only found illegit 45 in a prison jumpsuit: are y'all not still making the Saul Zelensky action figure? I sure hope that is not the case. Please advise as I would love to add him to my collection. Thanks, Tracy


I agree with the others that this prototype isn’t as good as the clay model. The colors are definitely off. I’m not looking at a photo of Zelenskyy at the moment, but I felt something was amiss immediately upon seeing this. It needs much more refinement. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to cancel. I too was disappointed with AOC but wanted the action figure. No one would believe it represents her.

Marc Andrew

So I go to click on the pre order and it takes me to the Donald Trump prison doll…wtf? Are you not selling this anymore?


I'm going to cancel my order. First off the figurine does not look very good, secondly and more importantly after the last update in February it was very disturbing that these are being ordered from and manufactured in China well-known and well documented for being a violator of human rights and minority groups. Being that this company is based in Brooklyn New York and advertised for being from Brooklyn seems like only the money is made there.The nail in the coffin is the fact that China is actively aiding the war in Russia. I find this to be at the height of hypocrisy.


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