Behind the Scenes: Meet The Prototype

Behind the Scenes: Meet The Prototype

This past August we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for the Zelensky Action Figure. Since then, we've been off to the races, trying to get him produced as quickly as possible. (Don't worry. If you missed him on Kickstarter, you can preorder him right here.)

Over the next few months, we'll be sharing his journey from clay sculpture to Real Life Action Figure right here on our blog. 

We want to make it super-clear that this is a peak behind the scenes. Action Figures don't pop out perfect on the first shot. 

So, if he doesn't look quite right to you, fear not. This is all a part of the process. Getting these guys made is an intercontinental collaboration and it takes a lot of back and forth to get all the artistic details "just right".

The figure you see waving down below is the very first prototype. In all the previous photos we've shown of him, you were seeing the original - the clay sculpture that was hand-made by Mike Leavitt.

As you can see, he's now made of (fantastic) plastic and has all his moving parts. In technical speak, he's now fully "engineered".

Our job from here is to get the plastic one to look as much like the original clay one as possible. Over the coming weeks, we'll be working on getting the "deco" (aka; paint job) dialed in. You'll see just how big a difference that can make in our next update!

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To Whom It May Concern:

I received (and I am assuming that anyone of you who also placed a pre-order) an e-mail in early February from the Company alerting me to the fact that because China re-opened and ended their Zero-COVID policy, it delayed their intended shipment of March and they will most likely be shipping in April as their factory is located there. Also, they have updated the model significantly, and I think a lot of the concerns expressed below will be pleasantly addressed (imo).


My sister and I both Kickstarted this action figure, and have been patiently waiting to receive it, but I hope that the final figure actually looks like him. Otherwise, what's the point? As others have said, his coloring is wrong, and he doesn't convey any of Zelensky's grit and determination. Please get him right before authorizing a final version. This could be any guy on the street.


Hmm. I’d say that rhe model (not plastic) is significantly better. This plastic version makes him look like he’s Hispanic and not Ukrainian.

Also, why no/zero/nada/zilch communication from you folks? I preordered months and months ago.


Are there no updates at all? I pre-ordered Zelensky Last September and haven’t Heard a peep since. So many people I know would order this figure but I can’t really recommend buying it from a company that has not, so far, kept its word.


Has there been any work done on this figure since this post in October? I had ordered in September and being that early 2023 was the shipment estimate I'm hoping there are more updates? Anything in the works to share with the customers? Thanks!


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